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Flavors of Agile

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Flavors of Agile


There are several flavors of Agile. This page is a starting point for learning about each one.


Scrum - This flavor puts focus on managing the project, ensuring collaboration between Business and IT, basic Team self-organization, and setting up the basic inspect and adapt cycle as Business Value is produced. See ScrumResources for more information on it.


Extreme Programming - This is perhaps the best known flavor of Agile. See Resources for more information. More to be added here.


Extreme Project Management - TBD. aka Radical Project Management.


Lean Software Development - This is a flavor that derives from Lean Manufacturing and is associated with Tom and Mary Poppendieck. My opinion is that it is very similar to Scrum and Extreme Project Management "really", but uses Lean terms and has some very good additional tools. It is very valuable for better appreciating the rationale behind Agile. For example, some say that Agile is Lean (manufacturing) as applied to software development.


Evo - TBD




Others - TBD.

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