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Page history last edited by Joe Little 13 years, 11 months ago

Future Speakers and Topics




August - Dawn Cannan

Sept - Mary Lynn Manns




Mary & Tom Poppendieck

Karl Muenchow

Tom Wessel & Bruce Cox

Lisa Crispin

Agile Metrics


Bill Krebs

Chris Marr & Dave Cate

Date TBD - Jason Sharpee (Avid)


Date TBD - Venu Thamodharan (Wells)

Date TBD - James Collins (Wells/Wachovia)

Date TBD - Alan Bartnick (Vanguard)

Date TBD - Bruce Cox (NouvEon)

Date TBD - Open Space (for 2 hours)

Date TBD - Craig Larmen

Date TBD - Bas Vodde (coach & author)

Date TBD - Eric Horlbeck (GSK)

Date TBD - Laurie Williams (NCSU)

Date TBD - Kristine Gianelli (WFU)

Date TBD - Karen Smiley


Date TBD - What can we learn comparing waterfall and agile? Panel with Q&A.


Date TBD - Collocation vs. Multiple Sites/Offshoring - Panel with Q&A.





  • Eric Horlbeck
  • Jim Highsmith in the spring.
  • Jared Richardson is a possible. (ck back Mid-March)


Would like to have:

  • Ken Schwaber
  • Mike Cohn (ck'd Dec 2006)
  • Karen Smiley (not likely before July 2007)
  • Brian Marick (ck'd Feb 2007)
  • Esther Derby & Diana Larsen (ck'd Feb 2007)
  • Jeff Sutherland



Proposed Topics or People


In this section, please post comments suggesting either a speaker or topic.






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