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Jeff Sutherland - Certified ScrumMaster course




As is typical of all of Jeff's courses, I am pleased in one way to say that this course in Charlotte is sold out.  He is also giving a course on Sept 5-6 in NYC. 

See here:


If you prefer a course in Charlotte, Mike Vizdos, Mark Pushinsky and I will teach a CSM course on Sept 11-12.  Please contact me if you are interested.  Mike and Mark are excellent teachers and practitioners.  I have weeks and weeks of experience with them.  I cannot recommend them too highly.





On July 11-12, Jeff Sutherland will teach a Certified ScrumMaster course in Charlotte.


Jeff started the first Scrum at Easel Corporation in 1993 and worked with Ken Schwaber to emerge Scrum as a formal process at OOPSLA'95. Together, they extended and enhanced Scrum at many software companies and IT organizations and helped write the Agile Manifesto.



Renaissance Charlotte Suites

2800 Coliseum Centre Drive

Charlotte, North Carolina 28217

Phone: 1-704-357-1414


This is near the airport (5 miles; 10 minutes). It is part of the Marriott group.

Free airport shuttle.


We should have a discounted rate at this hotel for the course.

I will confirm soon.


Contact: Joe Little if you have questions. More details below and a link to register is also below.


Participants Will Learn:

• Practical, project-proven practices

• The essentials of getting a project off on the right foot

• How to write user stories for the product backlog

• Why there's more to leading a self-organizing team than buying pizza and getting out of the way

• How to help both new and experienced teams be more successful

• How to successfully scale Scrum to large, multi-continent projects with team sizes in the hundreds

• Tips and tricks from the instructor's ten-plus years of using Scrum in a wide variety of situations


Additional Information:

Jeff currently works as CTO of PatientKeeper. The PatientKeeper Chief Product Owner leads the weekly MetaScrum which resources, starts, stops, and changes all Sprints to deliver dozens of production releases a year to large enterprise healthcare systems. Mary Poppendieck, in her latest book on Lean Software Development comments:


Five years ago a killer application emerged in the health care industry: Give doctors access to patient information on a PDA. Today there is no question which company won the race to dominate this exploding market; PatientKeeper has overwhelmed its competition with its capability to bring new products and features to market just about every week. The sixty or so technical people produce more software than many organizations several times larger, and they do not show any sign that the size of their code base is slowing them down.


A key strategy that has kept PatientKeeper at the front of the pack is an emphasis on unprecedented speed in delivering new features. It will not surprise anyone who understands Lean that PatientKeeper has to maintain superb quality in order to support its rapid delivery. CTO Jeff Sutherland explains it this way:

"Rapid cycle time:

* Increases learning tremendously

* Eliminates buggy software because you die if you don't fix this.

* Fixes the install process because you die if you have to install 45 releases this year and install is not easy.

* Improves the upgrade process because there is a constant flow of upgrades that are mandatory. Makes upgrades easy.

* Forces quick standardization of software via new features rather than customization and one off.

* Forces implementation of sustainable pace.. You die a death of attrition without it.

* Allows waiting to build new functionality until there are 4-5 customers who pay for it.


This is counterintuitive, and caused by the fact that everything is ready within 90 days."


In this course, participants gain hands-on practice with the release backlog, sprint backlog, the daily Scrum meeting, tracking progress with a burndown chart, and more. Participants experience the Scrum process through a "59-minute Scrum" and the "XP Game" which simulate Scrum projects through non-technical group exercises.


This course is equally suited for managers, programmers, testers, analysts, product managers, and others who are interested in working on or with a Scrum team. You will leave with solid knowledge of how and why Scrum works. Through practical, hands-on exercises and small-group discussion you will be prepared to plan your first sprint immediately after this class.


The course will run from 9am-5pm each day. A continental breakfast, breaks and lunch will be provided.


Following the course, each participant is enrolled as a Certified ScrumMaster, which includes a one-year membership in the Scrum Alliance, where additional ScrumMaster-only material and information are available.


Who Should Attend

Whether you're a manager, programmer, tester, analyst, product manager, or someone interested in working on or with a Scrum team, this course is suited for you. You will leave with solid knowledge of how and why Scrum works. Through practical, hands-on exercises and small-group discussion you will be prepared to plan your first sprint immediately after this class.


PMPs: You can receive 16 Professional Development Units (PDUs) for this course.


Course Material:


Participants will receive course materials (not books) for review upon registration. The CSM course was formulated to train and certify ScrumMasters and is used worldwide for ScrumMaster training. In addition, participants should obtain (at their own expense) Agile Project Management with Scrum, by Ken Schwaber, which is required reading for the course.  You may also wish to obtain the primary Scrum book, Agile Software Development with SCRUM by Schwaber and Beedle, on which the course is based.


Of course, there will be updated material and training exercises in the course which you cannot get from books. The entire syllabus will be made available upon registering for the course so you can look it over and bring it with you to the sessions.


Registration and Fees:


The course fee is $1,200. 


If you pay via PayPal or Google, you become registered. If your firm needs an invoice, we can generate those as well. Contact us if you have a group. Please contact Joe Little for details or with questions.


Refund policy: 90% of the course fee will be refunded for cancellations more that 7 days in advance of the course. No refunds will be provided for cancellations within a week of the course.


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