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Leading the Change

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Leading the Change to Agile



Doug Shimp, CST, Partner and Senior Consultant at 3Back

Guy Beaver, CSP, Director of Software Engineering at Critical Point Group 


This will be delivered as a joint presentation in lively back and forth Q&A format. Come see the show.


Date: April 23, Monday.  6pm.


Location: Critical Point Group

2201 Coronation Blvd, Suite 210

Charlotte, NC 28227



Leading the Change to Agile



This session will focus on expected frustrations (and strategies for dealing with them) when a process-centric IT

organization faces Agile for the first time.  


Content Outline:

This session will describe lessons learned from piloting Agile teams within a

process-focused organization. Six Sigma and DMAIC are appropriate for

reducing variation in quick cycle-time, repeatable processes, but not software

development. DMAIC techniques have slowed down productivity in software

development by attempting to decompose a naturally empirical problem into

unrepeatable activities. If your IT organization is structured by process

area (e.g. Systems Analysts, Systems Testers, UI Designers, Enterprise Data

Modelers, etc.), then you will want to attend to learn about:

• DMAIC: an Agile Anti-Pattern

• Wasted Effort (why waterfall works, but Agile works better)

• Must-haves before you start an Agile pilot

• Frustrations you should expect

• Productivity gains you should expect (and how to measure)

• Winning the metrics game

• Winning the status game

• Productivity will get you noticed

• Leveraging your organization's discipline

• Intangibles, and how to make them tangible

• The Agile-V: The Perfect Daily Status

• Get what you measure

• Warning Signs

• Transform process-driven discipline to test-driven productivity

• System Testers can be your best friend

• Dependent Enterprise organizations will be your worst enemy

• Demonstrating Discipline

• Exposing dependencies

• Intangibles


This presentation is a joint evolution from consulting engagements and regular presentations to senior

management to track the progress of Agile rollout experiences.

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