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Members of Agile - Carolinas



Please add your name below, with details. The entries below can serve as examples.


We have additional members listed on the yahoo group, but it would be better if you listed below (also). Thanks!




Name: Trevor L. Ezell

Firm: Lowes Corporation

Role/Title: Senior Online Marketing Specialist

Cell Phone: 980.254.0391



Interests for this group:

Learning more about how best to manage projects and product development utilizing Agile methodologies.




Name: Joe Little, MBA, CST, CSP (Certified Scrum Professional), CSPO, CSM

Firm: Kitty Hawk Consulting, Inc.

Role/Title: Agile Coach and Trainer, consultant

Bus Phone: 704-376-8881

Cell Phone: 917-887-1669

Reach me: @kittyhawkconsulting.com; start that with jhlittle (Is this format safer?)

Interests for this group: Spreading agile to enable more firms to increase their delivery of business value. Increasing collaboration with the Business. Thus, education and networking, particularly amongst middle and senior management on the business side.

Notes: In finance for 20+ years. In IT projects for 20+ years. Consultant since 1984 (with one or two relapses). Normally I don't put initials after my name, but in this audience, perhaps they help identify quickly where I'm coming from.




Name: Michael K. Spayd, CPF, CSM

Firm: Cogility Consulting Solutions, LLC

Role/Title: Agile Change Artist

Bus Phone: 720.300.5286

Cell Phone: 720.300.5286

Email address: michael.spayd@gmail.com

Interests for this group: Using Agile as a platform for organizational transformation; expanding its use into new spheres such as business management, not-for-profits, and personal life organization and prioritization.





Name: Eric F Palmer, CIPP

Firm: Capital One

Role/Title: Director, Process Management (Adverse Action, SCRA, 1099)

Bus Phone: 804.284.5720

Cell Phone: 804.363.1690

Email address: eric@ericfpalmer.com or eric.palmer@capitalone.com

Interests for this group: Evangelizing the benefits of agile project methodology, elevating the community to a higher standard of agile skills and learning. Applying agile methodology for IT and non-IT projects. Helping middle and senior managers understand the importance of the Product Owner role in deriving maximum success from agile. Applying 6-sigma and lean techniques to elevate agile success and improve business processes.

Notes: Diverse background in IT, new technology business development, adult technical education, operational process design and optimization, financial regulations and compliance processes. Experienced in Lean, Agile, 6-sigma.




Name: thomas gathings

Firm: Skanska USA

Role/Title: Senior Developer / Architect

Bus Phone: 704.506.5900

Cell Phone:

Email address: twgathings (at) yahoo (dot) com

Interests for this group: educate on agile





Name: Doug Shimp

Firm: www.3back.com

Role/Title: Partner and Senior ConsultantInterests for this group: Agile, Scrum, Lean, Teams, Product Development

Notes:CST (Certified ScrumMaster Trainer) Use Case expert and Agile Process expert. Doug Shimp has 16 years experience in the technology field. One of his distinctions is his focus on the interaction of technology and corporate cultural issues. He is currently writing a book on "Advanced Topics In Scrum". You can follow his thoughts on Scrum coaching and implmentation. He is a ScrumMaster Trainer and Coach or follow up Evaluations of his work. 



Name: Michael Wharton

Firm: Wharton Computer Consulting, Inc

Role/Title: Software Architect

Bus Phone: 336-724-3445

Cell Phone: 336-972-5741

Email address: mwharton@whartoncomputer.com

Interests for this group: Agile, Scrum, XP

Notes: I am the founder of www.TechnoStudy.com which are study groups for certification and also the www.TriadEAR.com which are software architects in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point that discuss new modeling techniques and software solutions being implemented in the enterprise.



Name: Guy Beaver, CSP (Certified Scrum Practitioner)

Firm: Net Objectives

Role/Title: Regional Director, Senior Consultant

Bus Phone: 704-516-6446

Cell Phone:

Email address: guy.beaver(at)NetObjectives(dot)com

Interests for this group: Achieving Enterprise Agility through training, consulting, and coaching.

Notes: Previously spent seven years at Vanguard, successfully introducing Agile to a mature waterfall IT organization.

Recent Articles: Agile-V Scorecard, Eye on the Prize, Perfect Planning, Agile Enterprise Requirements, Tearing Down Silos


Name: Bill Krebs

Firm: IBM

Role/Title: Software Process Consultant

Bus Phone: 919 486-0238

eAddress (modified to defeat spam): nc.rr.com id is bizkrebs (id and domain reversed), but I don't check that as often as my work e-mail. I'll give that to you if you call me (or you can get it from our dist list).

Interests for this group: Learning and sharing Agile and Lean best practices and associated processes. I'd like to foster cross learning both among the industry and also academia.

Notes: I've been a software engineer since 1982 in development, performance, process, and lead roles. I've been interested in Agile since 2000, and have presented at XP Universe and published over ten papers on Agile. I've deployed XP and RUP. During the last two years I've worked at IBM as a process consultant to help spread agile best practices. http://home.nc.rr.com/whkrebs/bio.html



Name: Ken Auer

Firm: RoleModel Software

Role/Title: Software Development Specialist/President

Bus Phone: 919 622-8315

eAddress (modified to defeat spam): rolemodelsoftware.com id is ken dot auer (id and domain reversed)

Interests for this group: In 20+ years of software development I've learned that the process you use needs to support the refinement of people, plan, product, and more. Agile does it. I'm interested in contributing and learning best practices to make life better and more real for everyone from the customers to the business to the developers and beyond.

Notes: I've been a software engineer since the mid 80s in development and leadership roles. I was doing "agile" practices before I knew what it was called and was a pioneer in Extreme Programming witnessed by my co-authoring a book called "Extreme Programming Applied: Playing to Win". Our business provides high performance, agile teams to turn our customers' ideas into reality.




Name: Neil Fox

Firm: Symphony Services

Role/Title: Regional Manager

Bus Phone: 919 454-6576

eAddress: nfox@symphonysv.com

Interests for this group: More than 4 years of Agile development at several software product companies. Now serving as a regional manager for Symphony Services who does software development offshore for software companies and software enabled companies. Many of our engagement utilize global agile development.






Name: Don Gray, Agile Coach

Firm: n-th Order Systems, Inc

Role/Title: Friendly Change Agent/Agile Anthropologist

Bus Phone: 336-414-4645

Email address: don@donaldegray.com

Interests for this group: Sane software development practices

Notes: n-th Order Systems is left over from a former life time. donaldegray.com contains my recent thoughts and writing.



Name: David Brauneis

Firm: IBM

Role/Title: Senior Software Engineer, Rational Build Forge Architecture & Development

Bus Phone: 919 254-9935

Email address: dbrauneis@alum.rpi.edu

Interests for this group: Learning and sharing Agile, Lean, and Extreme Programming processes and experiences to build motivated and high-performing software engineering teams.

Notes: I've been a software engineer since 1997 in development, performance, leadership, engineering and architectural roles.



Name: Animikh Sen, PhD, MBA, CSM

Firm: The North Highland Company

Role/Title: Information Technology Management and Product Development - Financial Services

Bus Phone: 803-517-3377

Cell Phone:

Email address: asen@northhighland.com

Interests for this group: share experience, have fun, network

Notes: The tail at the end of my name is really to provide context for this group.... I have a few other graduate degrees, and was planning for another but stopped as my wife said she would leave me.





Name: Sridevi Singaraju

Firm: The Vanguard Group of Investments

Role/Title: Information System Engineer

Cell Phone:704-965-6943

Email address: sri2001(at)gmail(dot)com

Interests for this group: Learning and Sharing Agile, Pair Programming experiences.

Notes: See my blogs at practicalagile.blogspot.com





Name: Murali Bandaru, MBA (Banking & Finance), MS (Computer Science)

Firm: Bright Vega LLC

Role/Title: Software Designer/President

Bus Phone: 7049040671

Cell Phone: 7049040671

Email address: msbandaru (at) gmail (dot) com

Interests for this group: Recently used Agile successfully for my company's project. Want to learn more and share ideas.

Notes: I also work for Belk Inc as Project Manager/Application Architect. I have been working in the software development field in various capacities for more than 13 years. Recently started my own company Bright Vega LLC to work on some of my own projects/products.





Name: CJ Wright, CSM, CSP

Firm: NorthHighland

Role/Title: Sr. Manager

Bus Phone: 704-331-4490

Cell Phone:

Email address: cj.wright@northhighland.com

Interests for this group: To learn from others experiences with Agile

Notes: Over 15 years experience in software development in various capacities over the years including Development, Project Management, Management and Governance.  Now interested in helping others achieve agility.






Name: Clifford Thompson

Firm: OntoSolutions, Inc.

Role/Title: CTO

Bus Phone: 704-257-4422

Email address: cliff@ontosolutions.com

Interests for this group: how to use Agile in larger applications, COTS integration, and systems of systems






Name: Sarah J. Burns

Firm: The Vanguard Group

Role/Title: Information Systems Engineer

Cell Phone: 704-989-4038

Email address: FinalRice(@t)carolina(d.t)rr(d.t)com

Interests for this group: I'd like to explore the different aspects of agile, and understand why it works, and how and when to use it, and the differences in how it's implemented by other groups, and how other agile groups interact.

Notes: I've experienced SCRUM, pair programming, test driven development in multiple projects






Name: Bob Galen

Firm: ChannelAdvisor

Role/Title: Agile Architect

Cell Phone: (919) 272-0719

Email address: bob@rgalen.com OR bob.galen@channeladvisor.com

Interests for this group: I'm experienced with Scrum & XP practices and am an active CSM.

Notes: Also an agile coach and principal consultant for RGCG, LLC - volume pills more info at www.rgalen.com



Name: Amanda R. King

Firm: S1 Corporation

Role/Title: Sr. Director, Product Operations

Bus Phone: 704-423-8747

Cell Phone: 980-721-3213

Email address: amanda.king@s1.com

Interests for this group: Learning all i can about agile and Scrum practices to assist my organization in their rollout efforts.




 Name: Andy Naessens

Role/Title: Consultant

Email address: andynaessens@comcast.net

 Interests for this group: I have been practicing the multiple flavors of Agile (XP, SCRUM, AUP, LEAN, RUP, etc) and have Agile implementation experience, in multiple capacities. I enjoy being a contibuting member of the agile-carolinas group.






Name: Jim York, CST

Firm: FoxHedge LTD

Role/Title: Agile Trainer & Coach

Bus Phone:

Cell Phone: 703.431.2176

Email address: jim.york@mac.com

Interests for APLN: Helping business leaders deliver business results though laser-like focus on their customer's needs and continuous process improvement. Key tools in the toolbox include Lean and Agile principles and practices (Kaizen, Scrum, XP, and so forth).

Notes: Consulting since 1985 with a focus on finance and software development.




Name: Bill Phillips

Firm: IBM

Role/Title: Executive Project Manager, Corporate Headquarters, HR

Bus Phone: 704-895-6667

Cell Phone:

Email address: wphillip@us.ibm.com

Interests for this group: Managing agile projects




Name:Priya Thinagar


Role/Title:Application Development Manager

Bus Phone:

Cell Phone:

Email address:sripriya_thinagar@premierinc.com

Interests for this group:My dev group is going to try agile processes for our next release. would like to understand best practices and strategies for successful implementation

Notes:Software engineer for 15 years, leading large j2ee projects. Want to become an agile coach.



Name: Karen Smiley

Firm: ABB

Role/Title: Software process and architecture coach

Email address: See agileteams.com/aboutKJS for my contact information.

Interests for this group: Keep up with lessons being learned worldwide every day about making agile work better in all kinds of situations (and hopefully contribute some as well, from my own experiences as a coach and researcher).

Notes: Over 20 years of broad and deep experience in developing and managing software systems and products in all kinds of industries - and I'm still having fun learning and doing it.



Name: Phillip Aghjayan

Firm: The Vanguard Group

Role/Title: Systems Manager

Bus Phone: 704-306-8127

Cell Phone:

Email address:  phillip_aghjayan@vanguard.com

Interests for this group: Utilize best practices learned from the experience of others.  Share knowledge gained.




Name: Richard Taylor

Firm: Asset Management Technologies, Inc.

Role/Title: VP of Information Technology

Bus Phone: 704-896-3118

Cell Phone: 704-777-1927

Email address: rtaylor@amtdirect.com

Interests for this group: Exploring agile processes to possibly adopt in my department.




Name: Dr. Charles Suscheck

Role/Title: Agile Coach

Email address: chuck   (no spam please) @ (no spam please) suscheck.com  Remove (no spam please)

Interests for this group:  Furthering my agile knowledge.



Name: Karl Huber

Email address:  khuber@bellsouth.net

Interests for this group:  Looking to build up my knowledge/skillset in agile, scrum, lean, xp, etc.


Name: James Collins

Firm: Wells Fargo

Email address: james.collins1@wachovia.com



Name:  Bill Wann PMP, CSM

Firm:  AMTdirect

Role/Title:  ScrumMaster/Project Manager

Bus Phone: 704-237-1204

Email address:  bwann@amtdirect.com

Name:  John Mervine

Firm:  Tree.com

Role/Title:  Technical Project Manager

Email address:  john.mervine@lendingtree.com

Interests for this group: increase practical knowledge, network


Name: Mikko Sorvari

Firm: GO'nC Consulting

Role/Title: Agile Coach

Cell Phone: 803.521.1277

Email address: mikkos@bell.net

Interests for this group: To network, learn and share about Agile.



Name: Terry Floyd, CMS, PMI-ACP

Firm: JS Walker & Company, Inc.

Role/Title: Technology Consultant / Project Manager        

Bus Phone: 336-703-9150 x105

Cell Phone: 336-708-0782

Email address: terry.floyd.sw@gmail.com

Interests for this group: Learning from other's experience and collaborating on ways to improve software delivery to increase business value. 

Notes: My desire is to help people become more "Agile" and to grow in their personal and professional lives.  


Name: Roy Schilling, CSP, PMI-ACP

Firm: Only Agile, LLC

Role/Title: Agile Coach/Trainer

Phone: 980.224.0128

Email address: rschilling@onlyagile.com

Interests for this group:  Spreading Agile knowledge, sharing experience and learning from others.




Please copy the following template. Just use the parts you are interested in.




Bus Phone:

Cell Phone:

Email address:

Interests for this group:



Comments (1)

Heather Jewett said

at 1:30 pm on Feb 27, 2013

Name: Heather Jewett
Role/Title: AVP;PMO Consultant
Email address: heather.jewett@bankofamerica.com
Interests for this group: Building my skills and network within the Agile Framework

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