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Info from O'Reilly...



From: Marsee Henon

To: jhlittle@k...

Subject: UG News--February is Web Design and Development Month at O'Reilly

Date: Wed, 07 Feb 2007 11:56:09 -0800





Can you share the following with your members if you think they

might be interested?


It's Web Design and Development Month here at O'Reilly and we just put

together a special resource page dedicated to web development essentials

including books, PDF Short Cuts, articles, and author events:



Don't forget your members can receive 35% off any of these titles when

they use discount code DSUG on our site. There's also free ground

shipping in the US on orders over $29.95.


Happy FebWeb,




To: jhlittle@k...

From: Marsee Henon

Subject: O'Reilly User Group and Professional Association Program


Thanks for registering for the O'Reilly User Group and Professional

Association Program. Your application has been submitted for approval.


Explanation of program benefits:


Review copies:

O'Reilly offers free review copies of our books to qualified

groups. As the group contact, you may request a free review copy for

your newsletter or web site. Requests for review copies MUST be

submitted by you, as the contact of your group. If you wish for the

review copy to be shipped to someone other than yourself, please supply

the name, address and phone number of that person for shipment. Once a

review of a book has been written, please send me a copy.



Your group members are entitled to a discount on O'Reilly products

purchased directly from us. Information for placing an order is

provided on the discount flyers that will be shipped to you, upon

acceptance to the program. Your members are also entitled to a

discount on O'Reilly conferences and tutorials. Other special discount

offers may also be forwarded to your group from time to time.


Other benefits:

In addition, we regularly donate books and other promotional items for

raffles or auctions to help your group raise money, or for meeting door

prizes. On a quarterly basis, we'll send our latest catalog. Some of

our authors are willing to speak at user group meetings--let us know if

you are interested and well do what we can to help you arrange



We'll also send you links to articles, tips, and news from the O'Reilly

web site: www.oreilly.com and from the O'Reilly Network:

www.oreillynet.com when we think the topics may interest you.


Following verification of your registration information, we'll send

your group a "Welcome Package" which includes an O'Reilly gift,

discount flyers, and our latest catalog. Please allow at least 6 weeks

for delivery.


What you can do for O'Reilly:


*Post an O'Reilly banner to your web site, which you can find at:



*Encourage your members to review our books and post the reviews on

Amazon, your site, newsletter, or mailing list--making sure you send me



*If you don't have a web site, but you do have a newsletter, please

print our sponsorship information in your newsletter. We can provide

logo art upon request.


I look forward to working with you,


Marsee Henon

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