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Special Announcements

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Special Announcements


SFA 2016 is almost here great conference with an awesome speaker lineup. http://www.southernfriedagile.com  

If you want  free access , free parking and a cool T-shirt , join us volunteers to make this the best conference ever. We are still looking for few more volunteers, if you are interested please contact me  mikko@southernfriedagile.com 







Agile2010 is coming up on Aug 9-13 in Orlando.  Check it out!




The ScrumGathering this Fall is in Stockholm on Oct 20-22.  See: http://www.scrumalliance.org/events/6--stockholm-scrum-gathering



All Courses have been moved to Agile Training.  Thanks!




Other Notes:


Mike Vizdos (our speaker a few months ago) has a website / blog here: http://www.implementingscrum.com/ The first cartoon was on the chicken and pig story.  If have probbaly seen some of their cartoons by now.



Joe Little also has a blog, here: http://agileconsortium.blogspot.com/


See also the Related Organizations page, whose sites will show some other interesting meetings.





Agile2007 Conference summary


There are a lot of great presentations you can download from their website.

Scrum meetings are 15 minute daily meetings teams use to communicate and uncover impediments. There were also some good videos on Scrum meetings like cute intro and Bad Scrum


See our Agile2007 page for more thoughts and details on the conference.









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