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What is Agile-Carolinas

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What is Agile-Carolinas


What is Agile? Agile is a way of delivering more business value, and having more fun in that effort. Making lives better for the customers, the workers (including the managers) and the shareholders is what Agile was developed to do.


Agile-Carolinas is a group of people in North and South Carolina who are interested in Agile (or, more widely, lean-agile-scrum). Agile of course includes many methods, such as Extreme Programming (XP), Kanban, etc, etc. We meet monthly, usually with some excellent guests or speakers. The group is affiliated with the Scrum Alliance, Agile Leadership Network (APLN), and with the Agile Alliance. We also provide a network for…networking. This includes trying to connect (a) those looking for a new situation and, (b) those looking for great people to help them.


We welcome people new to Agile. And we welcome very experienced people (who are smart enough to know well that they are still learning).

Or even people hostile to Agile. Think for yourself and, of course, you are welcome to hold on to your own opinion on matters large and small related to Agile. (We typically serve pizza and soft drinks. No Kool-Aid. Ta-dum.)


We have close to 2000 people on the distribution list (who, we think, have shown some real interest in the group). Often we often have 40+ people attending the monthly meetings (Uptown or in South Charlotte). We have been around now about 8 years, and we are growing


Other resources include:


Yahoo Group

MeetUp Group 

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