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Engaging with Agile-Carolinas

Page history last edited by Joe Little 4 years, 6 months ago


How to engage with Agile-Carolinas
By Joe Little

Agile-Carolinas has many resources.  Many ways to connect and get involved and learn.  Let's discuss them one at a time.

The real action in Agile-Carolinas is the people, and what each person and each small group of people bring.  My advice: get to know the people.  In general, the 11 resources below give you access to the people.

First, the meetings.  These are in person, monthly, in the evening, at different places over the year (north of town, Uptown, and south of town). Usually from 6pm-8pm.

The main place for signing up for a meeting is EventBrite.  To add your name to this list (so we have your email for future events), simply sign up for an existing event.   Mary Garrett has been managing this resource. To be added, contact Mary Garrett mary.garrett@leanagiletraining.com

Second, the Agile-Carolinas Newsletter (each month).  You can add your name (or a friend's name) and email address here:
LeanAgileTraining sends out the newsletters.  The newsletters include details of upcoming events and local agile courses.  Contact Kathy McDermid if you would like the latest one.

Third, our LinkedIn group.  This is here: http://www.linkedin.com/groups?gid=1617327&trk=hb_side_g
Easy to 'apply' for membership. (Again, free.)  Many announcements and other things there.  Maybe the best place to find 'people like me' in the group.

Fourth, Meetup.  Here: http://www.meetup.com/agile-26/
Again, many functions are available there.  Chap Moore is moderating this virtual group. 

Fifth, the wiki.  (Well, you are at this wiki now.) 

Here: http://agile-carolinas.pbworks.com/w/page/1526357/FrontPage
Here we have some interesting pages about many things.  The sub-groups within Agile-Carolinas. Pages for 'the leadership' (you too can become a leader...) and other things.  Please contribute. 

Sixth, speakers. Every month, at the meetings, we invite speakers from Charlotte, from North Carolina and South Carolina, from the world, to come talk with us.  Very interesting.  Joe Little and Mary Garrett are managing this now.

Seventh, sponsors.  Every month we ask a company to sponsor the meeting. You or your company can sponsor one. That means, ideally, providing one or both:  (a) the room where we meet or (b) food and beverage for the attendees.  You can sponsor one event, part of one, or many events.  TEKsystems,  Genesis 10 and Premier have recently sponsored events.  If interested, please contact Mary Garrett.

Eighth, employment huddle. At the beginning of each meeting, we will arrange for 'employers and ' people looking ' to have time to get together and meet each other. 


Ninth, volunteer. We need people to help the group in many ways.  To find sponsors, to make the group better known, ... to follow up and execute on the many good ideas you may have for the group.  This includes helping or joining the leadership group for Agile-Carolinas.


Tenth, Lean Agile Open.  We meet for a whole day twice a year.  In the Open Space Technology format.  Excellent education at a low price. Agile-Carolinas sponsors this.


Each of these 10 things provides its benefits.  We will talk more later about what each of these resources brings to the group.

Note: This information was put together for Agile-Carolinas by LeanAgileTraining.com


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